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The Woo Group RBC Wealth Management Hong Kong USA: Global Investment Outlook

RBC Investment Strategy Committee


The RBC Investment Strategy Committee consists of senior investment professionals drawn from individual client focused business units within RBC. The Committee regularly receives economic and capital markets related input from internal and external sources. Important guidance is provided by the Committee’s regional advisors (North America, Europe, Far East), from the Global Fixed Income & Currencies Subcommittee and from the global equity sector heads (financials and healthcare, consumer discretionary and consumer staples, industrials and utilities, energy and materials, telecommunications and technology). From this it builds a detailed global investment forecast looking one year forward.


The Committee’s view includes an assessment of global fiscal and monetary conditions, projected economic growth and inflation, as well as the expected course of interest rates, major currencies, corporate profits and stock prices.


From this global forecast, the RBC Investment Strategy Committee develops specific guidelines that can be used to manage portfolios.


These include:

- the recommended mix of cash, fixed income instruments, and equities

- the recommended global exposure of fixed income and equity portfolios

- the optimal term structure for fixed income investments

- the suggested sector and geographic make-up within equity portfolios

- the preferred exposure to major currencies


Results of the Committee’s deliberations are published quarterly in The Global Investment Outlook.